Wahoo Run Workouts on Garmin?

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I have just started using the Wahoo training app and its loads of fun!

Only question I have is how do I sync up the running workouts via my Garmin so that I can track the data and my progression as id like to us the initial 5km assessment as a bench mark.

Any light on how this can be done would be much appreciated.

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@duathlondan I have read that the long term plan is to be an open platform but as of now workouts only sync to Wahoo devices. I can confirm it works great for cycling workouts used on a Wahoo Bike computer. I haven’t tried it on a Wahoo Rival watch.

One workaround to get it over to Garmin would be to use something like TrainingPeaks or Todays Plan to sync your workouts. There is a browser extension that allows for importing cycling workouts to a fit file which you could then upload. The browser extension works great for cycling workouts but I have not tried it for running workouts.

Also note that if you want your run to appear in the Wahoo calendar while using a Garmin watch you will need to dual record with the Wahoo Fitness App on your phone.

Wahoo is much further along in supporting competitors stationary trainers than with competitor bike computers and watches.

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You can’t export running, it’s not a workout. It’s just text instructions.

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Appreciate the comments, will give that ago and see how it pans out.

If its not connectable is there a way to input dat into the calendar so it works out all of the running metrics or is that more of a manual process at the moment?

Thanks for the tip, regarding training peaks, I just connected to wahoo systm, but I don’t see the next week workout/training plan on trainingpeaks. Do I have to do something else? Have paid subscription?
By having it connected to training peaks can I follow the running workout on my garmin watch, or not at all?

Thank you a lot