Gear selection on standing starts

I have always struggled to select gears for the standing efforts.

Firstly, I am running a Attbike atom, and if I go too slowly, then the power goes off, so cannot really do from completely still.

Second, if I try to choose a gear that will cause me to have to really push, then I cannot get up to a good cadence or maintain what cadence I do reach

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You can turn off the auto pause. This will let you stop fully

Well not really, because clearly,my Wattbike only,put the full load on above a certain rpm, and the whole purpose of standing starts is to start with a hard load

What generation Atom is it?

The new version launched in July 2020 with an electromagnetic brake , a cadence sensor on the flywheel and a new crank angle sensor. The new crank angle sensor reads 48 times per revolution, compared with the two per revolution of the Atom launched. WattBike said that “the new system will also enable an improved experience for a greater range of workouts including HIIT and standing starts. and enables the bike to make faster decisions, adjusting the resistance system without having to wait for either a half or full turn of the pedals.”

If its the old version I guess the only solution is a N+1

Well in the v1 Wattbike, but I am otherwise happy so will just have to find a satisfactory way of doing it to get similar training benefit
Sure it’s possible