Standing start workout on Stages bike

On my Stages SB20 I’ve done the standing starts workout twice and in level mode, no matter which gear I pick, the resistance of the first few pedal strokes is way below expected. After a few revolutions the proper resistance kicks in, but since I’m already spinning, I’m not getting the standing start grind that the workout is supposed to be targeting in those first moments.
I’ve tried:
-braking to stop the flywheel completely before the interval starts
-slow pedaling in the high resistance gear before the interval starts
-spinning at high cadence and then switching to the high resistance gear
In each of these scenarios, as soon as I mash on the pedals, the flywheel spins easily before going to the correct resistance. The gear selection is correct because once the resistance kicks in, it’s a struggle to hit 100rpm. It’s as if the Stages bike has a built-in anti death spiral setting. Any other Stages users having this issue?