I am contemplating a return. I was a regular here for several years but dropped out when I just couldn’t handle the workout stress. I’ve probably been gone over a year and more recently caught the COVID bug and have been recovering from that since November. In February I started some mild intervals writing my own workouts. From what I remember even a beginner plan would be more than I can handle. Perspective would be welcome.

Paul Schack KOS


Welcome back Sir Paul!

I have a few suggestions for easing back into things. Depending on how long you were away you may have missed some of the options.

  • There is now a huge range of inspiration videos which might be a good way to get your head back in the game
  • Don’t forget you can dial down the intensity of any SUF video
  • There are also a ton of NoVid workouts available now, so between the inspiration videos, dialled down normal videos and the NoVids you have a huge range of not-too-taxing workouts available
  • You will need an up to date FTP. You can do a Half Monty instead of a Full Frontal, if you don’t feel up for a Full Frontal initially
  • There are a bunch of new training plans that would be good for people getting (back) into structured training including Couch to Crusher, Fitness Kickstarter and Transition plans
  • You don’t have to slavishly follow a plan - if even a beginner plan seems too much, just skip sessions when you’re tired
  • Your fitness will come back!

Good luck :slight_smile: