Getting fitness back after a short break - how best to suffer?

I’ve had a couple of weeks of easy riding then a week almost completely off, and my fitness has dropped off a fair bit. I’ve two weeks to get it back before a cycling holiday. Only goal for the holiday is a 16 minute climb at a steady 5%.

How should I suffer folks?

Any advice, or similar experiences very much appreciated!

Thinking long fairly hard rides outside, plus Sufferfest for intensity. Perhaps in blocks? Like three days long hard rides, a couple days rest, then three days hard suf workouts…

Training history. I did All Purpose Road high volume (all indoors), followed by 8 weeks of just riding loads out doors averaging 10 hours a week. The all purpose road got my ftp from 240 to 280, and I’ve not tested again since, but felt I’d hit peak fitness after the 8 weeks outside. Best efforts - 320 for ten minutes (340 normalised); 405 for four minutes

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@D_S You are probably in a good spot. It isn’t natural to peak all the time so you just took a break and will come back rested and stronger. You could try the transition up plan if you want to be sure that you switch back in more gradually. I had a similar experience in July. It actually energized me and I have been hitting it hard since then - did one race just two weeks ago where I really felt great. My my numbers also up.

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With only two weeks, that’s not much time to gain fitness. I’m in a similar situation with 2 weeks until my next century ride. I will be hitting it hard for the first week, a few hours of hiit during the week, long tempo ride on the weekend then I’ll back off the following week to taper.

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