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I’m writing today because my cycling holiday (one week in the French Alps with 4 rides planned - average 140km/3500m climbing) was postponed and I don’t really know how to keep busy for the two weeks I have left. I know two weeks are not enough to improve my fitness and at the same time, it probably would be too much recovery.
I thought I would try to taper for two weeks, doing four workout/week (instead of five to six on a regular week) and focusing on short (about 30mn) and intense workout like Joyride, SUF Idol or the Cure.
Is it a good idea to do this for two weeks before my big week ? Would you do this for a weel only then take a week recovery ? Any ideas on how you taper would be appreciated.

@Pierre_Chalmet Hello. I would first like to know when was your last recovery week? If you just took a recovery week because you thought you were going into your week of riding in the Alps I would recommend continuing to train with a little extra volume or climbing rides to give you an overload for a week and then you could take a recovery week going into the rescheduled ride week. If you don’t have a lot of time, Joyride, The Cure and SUF Idol are some great choices! No matter what your training schedule, a recovery week will be needed before the ride begins. You may want to check out this Knowledge Podcast- https://the-knowledge-by-wahoo-sports-science.simplecast.com/episodes/riding-at-altitude-part-1-what-to-expect-and-how-to-manage

If you are riding at altitude and you do not live at altitude, be sure your iron levels are good and expect to see a decrease in power by 10-15%

Happy Training!

Hey Coach,

Thanks for the answer.
Last week, I had a light early week with sprint workout, then Joyride then a ftp-based on-location ride before I took three days off the bike with lots of yoga.
I did the Tempo/FTP build yesterday to get back on the bike and the first ride in the Alps is sheduled on Monday. This leaves me 6 days. What do you suggest ? I was thinking doing a micro overload with FTP rides today and tomorrow (Attacker, Angels…) then two days off, a little taper on Saturday then Sunday off ?
Or would I do better taking more days to recover ? It’s always kind of a leap of faith to understand you will get better by doing nothing…
Thanks again,

@Pierre_Chalmet As your camp begins in 6 days and you’ve only taken 3 days off leading in thus far you really should take the next 6 days as recovery spins at recovery intensity and yoga. This will enable you to rest and gain the adaptations and growth from the training that you’ve done to prepare. Travel and altitude will be additional stress on the body. All stress is stress on the body. Best to arrive fresh and rested!

Have a lovely time in the Alps!

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One thing is to do something that puts a little stress on the legs before the big push in the Alps. Openers/primers comes to mind. Nothing harder on the week prior per the coaches is needed