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Hi all, I’m new to sufferfest and still within the 14 days free trial period. I have not subscribed in any training app before as I think I would not be able to maximise the benefits for the reason that I am only home and could only use it (probably) during the weekend. Question for you guys is, if I continue to do subscribe how do I get most of the trainings knowing that I only have 2 days in a week to use and do the trainings provided.
Note, I normally join a group ride outdoor during Saturdays.

Yes, in my experience I found that even 2 days a week of intense interval training made a difference. The MTB club I used to ride with noticed when I started being able to keep up with the best climbers in the club . That was 10 years ago before the app, 4DP customised workouts, when the videos were download only and ridden to RPE. The greatest thing about Sufferfest for me is that the workout videos are engaging, entertaining and encourage me to try hard.


I would add that, without knowing your personal circumstances or schedule of course, the yoga and strength exercises may turn out to be things you could incorporate in to the mid-week. They don’t need the bike trainer and come with the app.


Thanks to your inputs @JGreengrass and @leebo . Just wanna share with you my experience as a first time user. Friday early morning I did the Half Monty so that whatever the results are those will be used when I do the FF as I don’t want to use the estimated FTP based on the information I gave when I signed up. And as I’ve said I wanted to maximise the app, so I did the FF in the evening of the same day I did the HM. And the results are a bit low as compared to my HM effort in the morning. This is probably because my body is already tired for the day.
Anyway, planning to do again the 4DP this coming Sunday and have my Saturday group outdoor ride be my warm up heading to the paln on Sunday.

Hi @deppesteves. Welcome to this forum.

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Question for the minions, I did the FF today after the first a week ago. Unfortunately, I did not do it as good as the previous. My FTP went down by -11, NM -7 and LTHR - 3, however my AC +15 and MAP +3, classified me still to be a Pursuiter; do I use the old data or use today’s result?
Note, I performed HM in the morning before doing my first FF the last time.

@deppesteves As in most testing on or off the bike, it’s a snapshot of a point in time. I wouldn’t sweat too much about the difference and I’d use the more recent numbers if it were me.

FF takes some time to get used to in terms of timing and pacing the efforts. When you do it next, be sure to follow the FF prep plan in the app. It will ensure you’re suitably rested and your muscles are all fired up for the effort by giving you the Primers video the day before.


@Glen.Coutts thanks for your comments.
With basically just the Sunday to use the cycling app for Indoor training session, is there any specific workout I can use in the app to improve my riding short climbs, say 150m at 5%.

Any MAP focused session is gonna help you on short punchy climbs. You can sort the SUF vids by MAP focus but my votes would be The Chores, A Very Dark Place, Revolver, 14 Vise Grips and the classic Nine Hammers.

There are also more traditional “climbing” vids like Angels, Thin Air, The Hunted and The Wretched and then there’s vids like Power Station and G.O.A.T that focus on low cadence grinds if that’s your thing.

If you’ve only got Sundays, you can look at the vid description on any one of these or any other and just see if you fancy it.

Most importantly, have fun!


I might add that a climb with 150 metres of elevation at an average of 5% is probably a couple of kilometres long so you can also look at the FTP focused rides too. The thing is, MAP is often thought of as the limiter to increased FTP anyway so, my 2 cents would be to stick with MAP but again, just pick a vid that looks good to you and ride.


As well as following the ride sessions, SYSTM also has various yoga and strength sessions that you can follow using your phone without the need for much dedicated equipment to train. You can do these sessions away from home easily as well

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