Getting old with health issues

This might be really boring to a lot of healthy people but I am 63 years old and 2 years post Ischemic Stroke. I was given the stroke blocker within 1 hour and all motor function returned over the next 4 weeks. Very long story short I have weight trained to regain my lost strength and have been given the all clear to push it on the bike. I tried Trainneroad but they have no plans to suit me even with adaptive training. I tried Sufferfest half Monty and completed it. That was a win. Problem is my FTP has dropped 30 percent. Any ideas for training plans for old dead people?


@Dtrevathan first welcome to the forum. Second, I will let smarter people than I answer your specific question. That said, you can do this. I’ve had two major accidents, one requiring two surgeries, a full hip replacement and almost 10 months off a bike. Do what you can do and trust yourself. You will know when you need to back off and when you can push. BTW - I am 67.

Just let us know when you get the 30% back plus 10%!


Awesome. Thank you for the encouragement!


As somebody who is older than both of you, and therefore “deader” than both of you, I am sure that with enough patience you can regain, and then increase your fitness.

Patience is the key, and pay attention to your nutrition, sleep, and recovery.


Welcome @Dtrevathan!

I’d say the fact that you can still ride your bike and you’ve been given permission to start to train hard is a win. Your FTP number today is what it is - don’t worry about what it used to be. We’re all here to be the best that we can - now, and in the future; it’s not about comparing ourselves to others, nor stressing that we’re not as fast or strong as we once were.


Start again from where you are, @Dtrevathan. You’re already winning just getting back at it. You’re not dead until you’re dead!

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Recovery, recovery, recovery.


This reminds me of something my Dad used to tell me. “Never complain about how old you are. If you didn’t get to your last birthday then you’ve been dead that long”.


Every day above the dirt…


I guess I said too much for my question that I wanted answered. The question really was, “does anyone know of any training plans for Masters? Dick Friel has a great book on it but there are no of the shelf plans. I can’t really afford a coach. To all thanks for your answers. I don’t really think I’m dead yet. I guess humor does not translate to a web post.

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I have not found any generic training plans useful to me as an older athlete. Individual differences are amplified with age.

My suggestion: learn as much as you can, and modify one of the most relevant plans as you go. You might find occasional consultations with a coach useful.


From the SYSTM plans, there aren’t any that are specifically aimed at older athletes, so I’d pick one that either appeals to you in some way, or lines up with some event you want to do in the future. The efforts will be scaled to your 4DP results. And I personally go for the 2 weeks on/1 week recovery option to give myself a bit of extra recovery. From there, it will be a matter of seeing how you handle the training load and adjusting appropriately.


Apparently neither does our having some fun with the topic while responding. :grimacing:

We did understand your question, @Dtrevathan - as @way9e0 said, the answer I would consider is the SYSTM plans as they stand. They’re not a coach, but respected coaches assisted with the progams development. And while there aren’t any plans specifically targeting old dead guys (and there are lots of us on here), they do account for current fitness and ability, and adjust accordingly.

When I started out w SUFF/SYSTM, 30# overweight, with bad knees and stiff joints, I…couldn’t do much. But I did the tests as best I could and had my start. Objectively I have come a long way using just the plans in SYSTM, even though I just get older and older…

Best of luck to you!


hey, what about us old and grey women? or does >50 but still <60 not count?? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


Absolutely, Dame @IsiSchneider_KoS! Ladies too! :smirk:


@Dtrevathan I agree with @Heretic @way9e0 and @CPT_A and would add that in addition to more recovery also make sure that you are adding in strength, mobility and yoga.

The SYSTM strength training is very good or you can substitute or add some free weights. Note that strength will affect your performance on the bike initially so be prepared for that. When you select your plan check the boxes for strength and yoga even if you plan to do your own strength workouts as the plans will adjust the bike work to offset the additional strength work.

Core work can be done frequently without much time for recovery 2 or 3 times a week. The mobility sessions are also short and can be done every day.

Also check out the Knowledge Podcast. There are two episodes on the aging athlete in May of 2022.


Agree about relative differences increasing with age, but IMO that doesn’t preclude having a default age based scaling to plans with a dial that an individual might use to further adjust them.

For me, the main thing I’ve found is I need more recovery between hard workouts. I do 3:1 building block plans and sometimes have to stick in an extra day or two of recovery before the next hard workout. I extend the rest of the plan out by that amount, so the plan gets a little longer. I don’t know if 2:1 plans would do what I need recovery wise.


It is not just recovery, but certain abilities decay with time.

For example, neuromuscular abilities decline with age. Hence, I try to regularly do Cadence Builds, Standing Starts, and once a quarter - Violator. If I pick a plan, I need to include these and alter the plan.

This is something with which a slider will not help.


cool, that’s this thing sorted :+1:
there was something else I was gonna point out but I forgot :rofl:


Thus reinforcing the “old guy/girl” argument.