Getting training status in Garmin connect from Wahoo Systm rides?

Got a new Garmin watch recently (instinct 2x) and really keen to get the training status metric.
The app connection works a treat and I see my activities come through but training status and any relayed metrics don’t come through.

I see a lot of posts on this forum complaining about RGT rides not working but Sufferfest apparently were taken into account by Garmin connect for the training status metric.

The most up to date on Garmin doesn’t mention Systm/Sufferfest on the list of allowed third party apps so has that been removed recently?

For any people that have gotten this to work, I’d really appreciate your advice on how to set it up.

When you say the metrics do not come through, do you mean you do not see them on the Garmin Connect website?

That’s correct. Well, haven’t checked on the website but they are not populating in the app and I presume it’s the same.
I just read that other people on here used to get these and just surprised I seem to be the first person mentioning this if the feature was removed.

I have a Garmin watch which I use to transmit HR data. I have found that to be more reliable, even if slightly more inaccurate, than a chest strap. I dual record with my Garmin 1040 so that is how I get my data to Garmin Connect.

To my understanding all the metric calculations are done on the watch/head unit, not on the website. So even if it was transmitting to Garmin Connect from SYSTM, you would get the data recorded, but you would not get the metric calculations.

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The calculation still works fine in my case, without recording with the 840 or my Fenix 6. I enabled upload to Garmin Connect in Systm.

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I just record on SYSTM and theyre definitely synching to Garmin Connect


Thank you, was kind of hoping you’d reply as saw you wrote a lot on the subject before ha!

I do get the activites but no training status, vo2 etc metrics. Do you still get those?
Perhaps I just need to use it a bit longer as only had it for days and 2 cycling activities.

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Aaah yes it takes time for it to work out all the stats.

Also Im not familiar with the Instinct watch as I have a Fenix. I can confirm not all their hardware can do all the stats. The calcs are done on the device not on the cloud. So there are some limits to the stats and data you can get based on the device you use.

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Garmin switched to doing it server side awhile ago, but only if you have a device on the account that supports the algorithms/stats.


Maybe a stupid question: you did add the widget in the app using the button at the end of the screen?

Thanks for suggestion.
But yeah it’s there just doesn’t show as there’s no data.
I see this when I go to the specific metric under performance.

If you go to the specific activity in Garmin do you see training effect data such as benefit, aerobic, anaerobic, and training load?

Yes I just checked. Some say maintaining, some say improving fitness and load. The last 5 rides are from SYSTM

I don’t see any of that, don’t even think I have the sections (or know where to look).
That’s what I see when I go Activites–>Cycling

Im on their Beta so my Connect app is a bit different. But if you look under the More or … button > Performance Stats > Training Status then you should get to the screen below. Click on load and go to thr 7 day filter. Then click on thr workout and the load should be listed underneath

As per Dame Lisa, I also get all the metrics in expecting. Fenix 7 Series.

Are you continually syncing GCM with watch?

All my rides are done on systm only, no dual recording

Out of curiosity, your page says no status. Have you recorded any activities on the watch itself to set a baseline?

It’s fully synced, steps and hr etc coming through fine.

No activites recorded on the watch itself (except for a test HIIT type for a few mins but nothing that would have had vo2 calc).

Maybe I should try dual recording my next systm ride today in order to get a baseline?

Thanks to everyone for contributing btw.
This is all made way too complicated and frustrating, making me unhappy with both Wahoo and Garmin frankly.
Im happily paying customer for both so it sucks being caught in the middle of systems that could and should integrate much more easily without becoming an expert on both.

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Garmin would prefer it not be easy, and not be integrated, so that you buy all Garmin.

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TL;DR> Yes, I do get Training Status updated after Systm rides are synced to Garmin.

Longer version: out of my observation, Training Status in Garmin is calculated on watch itself; my speculation also suggests that speed of an update is dependent on watch connectivity (right now my watch uses Wi-Fi, but the older one used only Bluetooth connection with the cellular and that was way slower).

So the observation is I have to actively open Garmin Connect App on my phone and only after that the sync kicks in. So after the activity is downloaded from Garmin cloud and processed by the watch, Training Status update happens.

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I think it needs a few weeks to develop a baseline. Hang in there a bit longer. Mine was all greyed outnwhen I first got onto the Garmin system

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