"Gimenez" like workout in Suf

I hired an external coach who plan all the training for me and although he is keen on prescribing Sufferfest session, he misses a Gimenez-like workout. Those sessions are 1’ close to MAP then 3 to 4’ close to FTP, 6 to 8 times with no actual cool down.

Is there any session that gets close to this training to your mind ?

Not exactly as you describe but Defender, and The Chores might meet his overall intention.

Also, Butter if you adjust just the FTP metric up by about 140%.

You/he could also take one of the no-vids as well and similarly adjust the intensity of the individual metrics.

Edit: and of course, you could just run an Open Vid for an Hour in level mode and follow the 1 minute, 3-4 minute interval power he’s looking for.


Defender springs to mind for me. Timings are a little different but it’s 2mins over FTP then 8mins just under FTP (decreasing slightly every 2 mins). Those first 2 mins are closer to FTP than your 1m@MAP but I suspect the effect is similar.

There is also The Bat which has a MAP effort followed by an interval just below FTP and finishing with a short interval closer to MAP again. Personally I find The Bat not too challenging. If your coach is after something more specific then there’s always the option of altering your 4dp metrics individually, though remember that these sessions are designed by serious experts in the field so are already targeting particular aspects of training (but perhaps not the same things your coach is after though).


@leebo, lol, look at us, trying to be helpful at the same time :slight_smile: Happy New Year!

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Thanks for the help.
I guess he is looking for a sweet spot session with bursts and limited recovery during the session.

The adjusted Butter looks like a very good idea ! I wish Team Scream would have longer bursts as this session is really pleasant (until the 2/3 of the TTT !) :slight_smile:

EDIT : according to my research, “Gimenez” is a typically french workout session for cyclists. The rest of the world uses “sweet spot with 1’ burst” to describe it :slight_smile:

EDIT2 : I’m not stuck on the sessions proposed by the coach : if a session looks to have quite the same training effect, I’d take it as I’m far from being at a very high level :slight_smile:

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Fight club might be of interest too. It has sub threshold work with interspersed efforts.

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If your preference is for ERG mode, then the choices are a little more limited like @leebo and I suggested above. If you don’t mind riding in Level mode then you could literally take any video you want and ride at your coach prescribed efforts ignoring the on screen targets.

My preference is for ERG mode yes :slight_smile:
Thank you for your recommandations, I’ll consider Defender, Fight Club and an adjusted Butter and discuss it with the coach !
Thanks for your help !

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Oh, and of course WELCOME @henriksen!

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Hi @henriksen, does this mean that your coach is French ?

Yes, he is ! He is a running coach who uses indoor rides as cross training.

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Are you French (like me) ?

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Have a look at the No Vid Sub-threshold with surges. That might be close too.