Is the Tour of Suff. A good prep for Knighthood

Hi all

I’m aspiring to go for my knighthood in late March / early April. Would the Tour be a good prep for the knighthood challenge (following 7-10 days rest)?



Absolutely! That was me in 2018 along with 2 other local Knights. It’s a pretty popular time to quest in fact a couple years back there was a global quest post ToS.


Yes! You will still need to practice doing multiple workouts in a row, both to practice your pacing and endurance and to get your setup, nutrition, and transitions perfected. But the energy of the ToS is an excellent push into a knighthood attempt.


Thanks folks. I was hoping so.

Looking forward to both challenges. Both will make racing seem easy!

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Good luck with both the ToS and KoS preparation!

Agreed with @DameCristy on doing some practice of multiple workouts in a row, especially testing out that 10 minute gap between workouts for the KoS. Also, be ready for the KoS to be a lot of pedalling - it’s harder in some ways than the equivalent time outside as you basically never get to stop turning the pedals while on the trainer.


Smart advice. The volume and 10 minutes between vids (reminds me of triathlon transitions). Loving the experience so far!


I did it it backwards. I did knighthood prep and did my knighthood this past weekend. I am now doing the new week with. Then FF/HM training. Hope it gets me ready for the tour. I think it will tho.


Nice. Congrats

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Knighthood is mostly a combination of mental preparation and understanding your fuelling needs.
It’s better done when rested, but it’s best done just when you feel ready. If there is something that is going to give you more motivation, then I would argue that is better than being more rested.

I did my Knighthood last year in conjunction with the tour. I rode the Tour from Sunday through Friday and then Saturday’s final stage of the Tour was Attacker and Defender back to back.
I just made those the first two rides of my Knighthood.

Knighthood is never going to be easy and I tried to maintain a good percentage of total effort throughout, but I chose the final ride poorly and was shattered anyway and the last half of that ride was 100% in my head. My legs were gone, my stomach was gone (hadn’t really done a good job planning for food either) and it was just a case of constantly reminding myself it was just x more minutes and if I gave up everything was for nothing.

Would I recommend doing that? Absolutely not.
But then, if I can do Tour + Knighthood combined, then putting a break between the two is eminently possible.

Follow your body and, even more, follow your heart and mind. If you feel it’s the right time, do it.


Thanks Jon

:exploding_head: just wow! that’s inspirational

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