Got a Boo-boo

Just a warning. Got a KICKR CORE with a pre-installed 11 speed cassette. It was making strange noises. Today I decided to find out why. It turns out the wrong hub retaining nut was used. It has the XDR nut int it causing the freehub to move back and forth and for the cassette to rub against the frame. I’m on an alu bike and a majority of the grinding damage appears to be on cassette retaining nut. Swapped nuts and reset shifting. Time for a test run.
Suggest anyone getting a CORE with a pre-installed cassette to check if the freehub shifts back and forth. It shouldn’t and to attempt to swap the retaining nut with the one in the parts package.



Glad I tossed the cheap cassette that came w my KICKR and put an old Ultegra cassette I had instead.

It wasn’t the cassette that caused the issue. There are two hub retaining nuts. One is for the 11 speed hub and the other is for XDR hubs. For some reason the XDR nut was installed which allowed the freehub to move to the right and that caused the cassette lock ring to rub against the frame. No major damage as the frame is aluminium. Just needs a coat of paint

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