Half Monty - decrease cTHR and increase FTP and MAP

Can anyone point me in direction to understand how my cTHR decreased in my FTP and MAP increased in my most recent Half Monty?

I ave done it several times and this was the lowest cTHR and highest FTP nd MAP.

Thanks in advance to your feedback.

Your heart is able to pump out more oxygenated blood per beat. Sign of getting fitter. Changes in cTHR are generally small and your heart rate is a bit different from day to day depending on sleep, meals, salt intake, temperature, hydration and proximity of mother-in-law.


IANAC but there’s a few reasons that come to mind

  • “environment” e.g. fatigue or temperature could both depress HR
  • improved fitness e.g. cardiac volume/efficiency, increased mitochondrial density

One thing that might partially indicate why is RPE, did it feel easier than previous times ?

Typically as you get fitter I think your CTHR goes up. Which means you start producing lactate at a higher HR which means you can ride with more power before reaching your CTHR. But maybe I’m getting it switched?

If your HR in general is going down tho, and with a higher FTP and MAP, then that’s likely a sign of stress or fatigue because HR can vary widely due to all kinds of external circumstances completely unrelated to your exercise. And a depressed HR is a sign of stress and fatigue.

It’s hard to pinpoint. Would be nice if there were coaches still around who could better comment on this…