Half Monty outcome question


after a few months away from the sufferfest i returned this week. To get my basic numbers correct ahead of the training programme i did the half monty.

i got some weird numbers and hope someone can explain it to me.

my MAP jumped up by +8 from 338 to 346w
however my FTP fell by -8 from 273 to 265w
my LTHR went up a but from 177 to 182

i did follow all the instructions to the letter, did the ramp with ERG and switched to level in the heartrate zone part.

i find it a bit weird that i did better on the ramp but that this does not translate in a improved FTP score. it even went down. can someone explain me the reasons behind this. Not necesarily questioning the outcome but would like to understand how it works.

What was your cadence during the constrained effort? I had similar improvements in MAP and a decrease in FTP from my last HM which I put down to keeping my cadence too high during the first half of the constrained effort, I dropped my cadence 10rpm for the second half and was able to produce more than 10% greater power for the same HR.

Thanks for pointing out the power and cadans for the constrained session. Comparing the two constrained sessions my power this latest attempt was indeed about 10w lower. Weirdly enough the cadans this time was also lower. Seems my heart rate must have been a bit elevated this time around.