Half Monty doesn't seem to work

Just tried to do Half Monty as a little goal setter before 4dp on Thursday and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Can’t select the cog icon to turn auto pause off, switch between erg and level or switch my cadence sensor.

Anyone else tried recently?


Working fine for me on MacOS(intel) and iOS(iPhone Xr).

Do you have the latest version? 7.57

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Same. Ran it yesterday just fine. :thinking:

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Yes, I’ve got that same issue on my Android phone on any workout.

I’m usually running on a Windows computer so assumed it had something to do with my phone and forgot about it.

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Ah yeah I was trying to get it in quick using my android phone, I’ll boot the laptop up ready for full frontal.

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See my app bug/problems thread. Been having this problem a while now.