Half Monty Fail ... coaches and minions, please help!

Just completed Half Monty, but:

  1. I forgot to unpause the workout after skipping to the recovery section at the end of the ramp. This is the second time I have screwed this up … can I suggest that, just for this workout, it be set to auto resume once you skip to this section? Will this affect this validity of my results?

  2. the SYSTM app crashed halfway through the constrained effort so it did not provide me with an estimated FTP … but I did complete that effort (and then some, just to make sure I got at least 20 minutes in the prescribed HR zone) and separately recorded the ride using my power pedals and wahoo bolt. Is there any chance the minions could help me calculate my results @Coach.Spencer.R ? I can provide my .fit file if so.

Thanks in advance to all for any help/suggestions!

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I suggest you to do Half Monty again. I believe that this will be the simplest way to get proper results for you. (Disclaimer: I am not a coach)

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