Half Monty: Screwed up? play/pause confusion

Dear Sufferlandrians,

I did my mid plan Half Monty today and messed it up a bit after the ramp:

I stopped for 15 sec, then I mixed up pause/play: I couldn’t slide the bar to the blue part since I forgot to pause. So I started easy spinning which wasn’t recorded because I had paused in the meantime :woman_facepalming:t3:
This was all a matter of less than a minute I guess.

I’ve asked the minions if my results are still valid, and they said, since the app did not complain, everything should be ok.

I got the confirmation e-mail with the new numbers, too, but my profile numbers (FTP, MAP) didn’t change. Same for workouts (I’ve attached a screenshot).

Do you think that could be because of the play/pause thing?!


Have you tried logging out and logging back in?


Thank you!!! :blush:
Unfortunately, that worked… still was hoping for a valid reason not to use my new numbers in the forthcoming workouts🙈

(I know I can reduce them manually, but of course I won’t without a really good reason.)