Half Monty heart rate

Does anyone else find the 20 minute heart rate part of the test boring as hell?
Edit: what do you do to distract yourself during it?

I put on some good music and then I stare at the heart rate and my power and play a game where I see just how high I can get my power while still keeping my heart rate within the prescribed range. Someone time seems to fly by when I do that.


I try amd control my breathing but I get bored and keep checking the clock, something to work on I guess

I used to run cross-country and track in high school. We never ran with headphones or music. And we would often run for 1-2 hours. So, when I grew up, I tended not to run with music. I did for a while. But the cords and headphones and such were always annoying to me. So, I did most of my workouts without it. And I think that’s good mental training for times like these. The more you do it the more techniques you will develop and the easier and less boring it will get. I still do enjoy music while riding on my smart trainer, but there are plenty of times when I will turn nothing on an just watch the screen to help me practice getting myself in the zone. Because when I do any kind of racing (runnning, cycling, triathlon, etc) I don’t bring music. So, best to condition myself ahead of time.

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I like to play a little mindfulness Bio-Feedback game where I focus on deeply inhaling and completely exhaling to see if I can increase my Power while keeping my HR in range.

Games are fun, whistle while you work :wink:


Oh no, snow white songs will be playing through my head today

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Surely that affects your breathing? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m just trying to stay in the correct HR zone. For me music would alter my HR so I ride in silence.

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Easy, I imagine doing the 20 mins FTP section in Full Frontal, then thinking how lucky I am for the next 19mins. Time flies