Half Monty with non-integrated HRM

Just did the Half Monty as part of the GCN Ramp Up/Ramp Down thing.
I have a Wahoo Kickr but not integrated HR with the Kickr so this test was a bit compromised.
However I did record my HR with power on my Garmin so I could reference it. So I can enter my 1 min peak into LTHR but for the constrained HR I pretty much had to guess because the workout told me “keep your HR between 0 bpm and 0 bpm”.
So question is:

  1. how did guessing affect the accuracy of the constrained part (how do I know if I guessed correctly?)
  2. if I now go in and add my 1 min HR peak as my LTHR will that help make my other numbers more accurate?

My HRM is not bluetooth but I can reference it during workouts. I will at some point spring for a Wahoo HRM but not right now.

Thank you

Watching the GCN vid where Simon does the Half Monty at the Sufferfest HQ it’s mentioned that the constrained effort should be 5 or so beats either side of 87% of the 1 min max so I was definitely not in the right zone. Still would like to know how I can use the extra data I have to make my numbers more accurate until I get a bluetooth HRM. Thank you.

If you can direct message me your sufferfest account email, and send me the file with your recorded heart rate I can look it over and let you know if you should change any of your Metrics.

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Hmmm, can’t seem to figure out how to DM/PM - as a brandy-new user do I have that privilege?

If you click on Coach.Mac.C’s name or pic then you should see a popup with MESSAGE top right