Half Monty MAP calculation?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about how the half monty test calculates MAP. In my understanding, MAP is usually equal to or slightly greater than the wattage of the last successfully completed interval in a traditional ramp test. I understand that half monty is an updated and more precise version of one of these tests, but am just curious as to how/why the final MAP value is different. For reference, I just finished a mid-plan half monty and finished the 316 W interval (and lasted for a little bit at 336W), but my MAP was set to 300 W. Both my MAP and FTP were lower (2-5 W) than my pre-plan 4DP test, but I’m chalking this up to the fact that I replaced the primers workout that I was supposed to do yesterday with a 2 hour zone 2/3 ride with a buddy. I couldn’t resist the fact that the sun and warmth have finally arrived!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I assume it needs a more complex algorithm, fine tuned by seeing what lots of test people achieved over a time, because by the time I hit my current MAP in the ramp I haven’t get been working hard enough to have done the equivalent of that for 5 minutes yet.
Then the big efforts kick in once we go beyond current numbers and then every second counts (though these ramps absolutely kill me and I struggle to even go much behind current MAP sometimes and find 4DP better)

Really need the sports scientists to comment though I doubt they’ll give us theme algorithm as such obvs.

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I have no idea how the FTP gets calculated, but I just did Half Monty and was checking the MAP calculation as it went up heaps (yay to me) and I was wondering if it was just best 5 mins or so. It seems to be something like: (best 2 min power + best 5 min power) / 2 from the ramp test, that gave me pretty much the number SYSTM gave me.