Happy wife (and family!) - happy life - on location: Provence

Our family was extremely fortunate that we could spend our summer vacation in France, more specific in Provence.

And at this point I would like to start at the beginning and give all credit to the man who deserves it: @michael.cotty!

Hi Mike, thanks a lot for your great on-location-trainings in Provence that finally got my family to spend our summer vacation just there! What a wonderful summer! It was nothing but marvelous to ride the exact routes you showed us in your trainings. Spectacular!

My wife, my daughter and myself had fantastic rides - one of the best vacations ever.
Five star rating!
:boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:


My goodness Gerald, I’m truly humbled by you words, your support towards On Location and even more for the experiences it’s created with your family in the Provence. While I appreciate your credit, I can’t take all of it. We have a fantastic team bringing these videos to life who I know will be equally proud by your words.

Thanks for joining us for the ride and stay tuned for more to come :slight_smile:

Ride safe,



Looking forward to that! I’ve had a look at Gorges de la Nesque this summer and was well impressed.

@Gerald is spot on though, the On Location rides are inspirational. My plan now is to talk the family into a trip to the Pyrenees next summer.


Excellent choice!
Combine your own routes with the ones from Mike‘s On Location Videos. Success guaranted!
And don‘t forget the coffee stops! :joy: