Have the ability to move NoVid workout in SYSTM to RTG

I would be great if we had a mechanism in SYSTM to choose to do NoVid workouts in RTG. I think that would make them a little more interesting.


This is a frequent request, and I’m sure Wahoo is working on it. Until then a community member has created a browser extension that allows you to export outdoor compatible workouts which allows sending them to RGT:


Riding workouts in RGT would be good, but actually, I generally prefer to watch pov cycling vids while doing novids. I generally watch XC mtb races. You can use the player button in the upper right of the SYSTM workout screen so that the workout info (graph, targets, etc) appears over whatever you’re watching. The button looks like a little square frame with a thicker bottom. I get my music going, a video cued up, start the workout, then hit that button. You can move the bar with the graph and targets around on the screen.


@Ken_Bitting I have used the FIT exporter that @jcolp highlighted several times and it works well when you want to do a NoVid or frankly any SYSTM working in RGT. Use the exporter 1st and then email the file to workouts@rgtcycling.com. Note that the file name will become the workout name in RGT so edit it if you want it to appear differently. I believe you need to export again when you have had a change in your 4DP profile and further you can only export one workout per day.


Thanks @jcolp for the tip, I will take a look.

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I have done no vids in RGT before but I used two devices so it’s not necessarily possible for all.

I let my big screen and laptop run RGT detecting power from the trainer but not controlling it. My phone had systm open and ran the workout using erg to control the trainer.


I should just test this, but a number of urgent distractions have kept me too busy.

My question is, can RGT control the incline on a KICKR Bike or Climb while SYSTM is controlling ERG?

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I do not believe so. If it’s ERG mode then SYSTM is controlling everything including any gradient changes. If you turn off ERG mode and then use your bike gears to try to hit the power goals, then you should feel the gradient changes.

@Devries I believe that is correct but tagging @RGT-FB-Moderator for additional insights.

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This isn’t an east one for me to answer as I just have a Kickr 6 and don’t have the Kickr Climb or Kickr Bike :frowning: :wink:
However, I’ve just been on the Wahoo Support site for the CLIMB and it says for Zwift (there is no reference to RGT) :disappointed_relieved: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000150319-Troubleshooting-Why-isn-t-my-CLIMB-Working-

Please be aware that the CLIMB will not react to grade changes while in workout/ERG mode in Zwift

So I assume that will be no different for RGT.
What that means is that WHICHEVER device is controlling the resistance of the KICKR must not be in ERG mode for the CLIMB to be automatically controlled. Only one app can control the resistance of the KICKR (or any smart trainer) at any one time - regardless of whether that is by ERG mode or Simulator mode.
So if you use SYSTM for ERG training I assume that the CLIMB remains level and flat. Theoretically, if your KICKR transmits dual BLE as well as ANT+ then when connected to an SYSTM ERG workout, the KICKR should also be discoverable by RGT using the second BLE channel OR Ant+, so that you can connect as if the KICKR was a power meter only - the power will move you through the ride and the avatar’s speed will vary on hills as normal BUT as RGT is not CONTROLLING the KICKR - I ASSUME that the CLIMB will act simply as it would when in any other SYSTM workout.
The next part of the answer would be - lend me your KICKR BIKE for a few months and I’ll test the theory for you :wink: :wink:
I’m sorry I can’t be of any more help …

Not only no vid. All workouts should do that. You can see some videos once or twice after that no need to repeat the video and if able to choose doing the wo in rgt that would be awsome.

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