Help a Gal with a Stationary Bike

Started training with the GCN crew on youtube last March. LOVED it. Then they directed me to the Sufferfest. Have done 3 videos so far and love it. Have a Wahoo Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor. Using “virtual watts” to try to figure my fitness/baseline out. I have a Yosuda stationary bike that has neither a “mag” or fluid wheel. So which do I choose from the virtual watts list? The wheel is on the front and is 25 inches in diameter. I"ve tried to choose a wheel size from the virtual watt list but the wattage goes off the charts.

Can I get virtual watts with my sensors on this kind of bike?

Thank you!

Hi, Megan. Welcome to the forum!

I don‘t have a solution for you but I‘m absolutely sure the minions (SUF support) can help you set everything up.

Please have a look here:

I am sure everything will be sorted soon.

Welcome to the forum, As long as you compare like with like, all should be fine

Thanks, Alan! Will do! =D

Thanks Pierre! =D