Help connecting HRM


Can you try connecting to your phone using Bluetooth. I think you said that the problematic device was a Garmin. I assume there’s a Garmin app that you can download to your phone and connect the HRM to.

Good luck

You’ve mentioned that you have a Garmin Fenix 5 watch. If this is something you use it may be stealing the Bluetooth connection to your new Garmin HRM. But, you said you weren’t sure if it was connected to it or not.

You could test to see if the HRM actually works by pairing it to the Fenix.
Follow the instructions here:fēnix 5/5S/5X Plus - Pairing Your Wireless Sensors

Out of curiosity, how do you update your Fenix 5?

Via Garmin Connect on my desktop, not the laptop I run Systm on. My desktop is nowhere near my bike and always turned off when I am riding.

I will try to connect it to my watch tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

Just a side note to this convo I use a Polar H10 HRM and I’ve never had an issue with it connecting to SYSTM apart from when the battery needed changed. Otherwise I run 2 separate Polars as I use one for my running but I swap them about everyday so one battery isn’t being rundown all the time. I’m not saying the Polar HRM is better than either Wahoo or Garmin but looking at some of the problems people have had on here it might be something to look at in the future. I also use my Polar via the Ant+ connection when I’m using BikeTheWorld and again I’ve had no issues with that either.

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Any luck connecting to your watch?

Nope. I am thinking the new HRM is just DOA.

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Man, when garmin wont even work with garmin. Lol. Fwiw, I’ve got a Tickr TickrX and a Tickr2 (ie the new Tickr) and have never had a problem with them. I do find that if I step away from the laptop running SYSTM (or SUF previously) for more than a few minutes after getting everything set up and connected that the HRM does sometimes have a little trouble reconnecting but it usually reconnects after a minute or so.

Hi @Critmark do you have Garmin Connect on a phone or tablet to see if the software needs an update ? From what I’ve seen over the years every device you buy even if it’s the latest needs to update the software when you get it, it could be that that’s causing it not to connect

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