Help finding a pdf

Hi folks.

Sort of a lame question but can someone please point me to the pdf that highlights which videos target cadence vs level vs erg??

I had found it on the old site a while back and now I can’t locate it. I thought it was pretty useful.


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You mean this one?

I think they removed it because it doesn’t include all of the new rides


That’s the one!


Hope Wahoo provide an updated one. It is handy.

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It would be great to see the info for “Feeling bad” or “Feeling good” show up somewhere in the interface while you are riding that particular video.

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Good idea, @

I like that idea. Or at least in the intro at the start, part of setting yourself up for the ride. or even just in the ride description before you hit Start.


@tunatornado, yup - I hit up the minions to update that as well. Have it posted on my wall. I’m told it is a work in progress.

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