Just started with Sufferfest - Question All purpose plan

Hi all,

Just started with sufferfest last month. (yes I know i can’t never leave :slight_smile:) Did the trail plan followed with the FF prep plan. Today did my FF test. Damn it’s a nasty one :slight_smile: So far i’m a pursuiter. Next step is to find a good plan. I want to get betting in climbing but also allround. If i choose an all purpose plan will my climbing improve or do i need to get a specific climbing plan.
I going to climb some real mountains in September next year in Italy (Mortirolo) for a good cause to raise money
Another question, I also love to ride outside in the weekends with friends road or MTB. So its hard to ride a training with blocks with your friends. Can i just skip the weekend training in the plan, if I ride outside?
Thanks for the feedback, Regards Jeroen

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Re: riding outside

I kinda’ have the same question.

I’d prefer the plan(s) to have inside and outside options for the weekend.

I am doing the Volcano Climbing plan now. It is great and has challenged me and my fitness has improved but if I were you I would start 1st with the All Purpose Road and save Volcano Climbing for later as it is definitely more intense and not as flexible and probably isn’t the best route when new to Sufferfest.

The climbing plan doesn’t have outside rides and really is designed as a special focus plan whereas the All Purpose Road is more balanced. You will definitely get some exposure to climbing based on the videos in the All Purpose plan - eg. The Hunted, G.O.A.T., Power Station, Thin Air … - but you also have the option to pick your level and also schedule some outside rides with that plan. In the calendar when picking the plan you can click on the workouts to read the descriptions to get an idea of what is being targeted.

I also recommend checking out the mental toughness plan and the yoga - particularly the breathing videos. I have definitely used both for some tough efforts during the climbing videos.

Good luck!


@JeroenRaus @DaveM Re riding outside at weekends. I tend to pick a plan that has Indoor and Outdoor and then generally ignore the instructions for the outdoor rides and just go out and do whatever I feel like whilst trying to keep to the overall philosophy of the plan (recovery, endurance, cadence, etc)

The Volcano plan does not have an outdoor option but the All Purpose Road and the Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo ones do


Thx George,

For me outside riding is weather dependant so it would be nice to have:

X time on the road or
Y time on the turbo

Without that option, your suggestion makes sense … fairly easy to aim for a similar TSS

@DaveM @genolan @JSampson Thanks for the suggestions . I started a All-Purpuse Road plan with strength and yoga. If I do a weekend ride I’m intended to skip the one in Sufferfest. My outside rides are mostly recover type of ride, just enjoying to be outside and not push the limits that must. I always can try to switch the recovery rides into the weekend :slight_smile: Or coaches ins’t that a good idea? But what Dave said. The option for inside or outside time, yet better to be able to load your outside ride into sufferfest to get the minnios at work to see if the plan needs adjustments? As of now the plans aren’t self learning? only based on your 4DP metrics.

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My understanding is that the plans aren’t self learning. IMO Having your ride analysed would mean paying for a 1:1 coach - which is much more pricey, but can yield great results - all about the accountability! This platform does have coaches giving overall feedback which is a cost effective alternative.

If we accept that the coach have put together ‘technically perfect’ plans that get us as fit as possible in the shortest time. Then we decide to go off plan to enjoy some outside riding with friends then there might be some compromise in our development. For a TDF rider that’s not acceptable. For me that’s fine - not point being fit without a group ride (after c19) to enjoy the gains :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Excellent point you got there. Totally agree.

I guess the most important thing is not to be so battered by your group ride that you too fatigued to do the next sufferfest session.

The plans are static with respect to your metrics but you have the option to boost any workout based on how you are feeling and your plan will probably also have Half Monty at about the six week mark to recalibrate things.

Frankly I wouldn’t worry to much about adjusting day to day to your metrics. I have been tracking my plans plus my outdoor rides via intervals.icu and fitness, form and fatigue have been within the appropriate ranges and generally only deviate when I do something like extra weight lifting or an extra long or hard outdoor ride and then I just adjust on the fly.

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