Hi from New Zealand

Hi everyone,

If this is in the wrong section please feel free to move. I’m coming over from the dark side for a taste of your medicine, I’ve been a loyal Suunto user for many years. My main watch is still is still my trusty old S9B in gold, however being a fan of Frodeno & Walmsley I have been keenly following Wahoo for some time. A good deal on a new Elemnt Rival was too good to pass up and I should have it this coming week

I am a trail runner/marathoner/ultrarunner who still has some lofty goals to tick off, despite turning 45 in a few months and waiting for a second back surgery later this year. Look forward to getting to know some of you here, chur :smiley:


MiniForklift Welcome! It’s equal parts fun and suffering here, plenty of support from fellow members should you need it.

Welcome to the forum from another fellow NZer

Aww, @DameLisa has a new friend!



Welcome to the new dark side @MiniForklift, where everyone knows your pain :slight_smile:

Not much of a runner here, and a million miles away. The closest I’ve ever gotten to NZ is that my maternal grandfather lived in NZ. He wasnt a runner either, or a cyclist. Just a boozy bridge player. He was kind of a jerk though so I know it’s, at least in part, genetic :man_shrugging:

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Cheers everyone, and good to see another kiwi on here!

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Sweet, where are you from? I’m in Christchurch, although I’m lucky that my job has me covering all of the South Island so I’m spoiled for choice with amazing places to train :star_struck:

Looking forward to heading back down to Queenstown later this week, still have Ben Lomond on my ‘To Do’ list

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You’re on the best island for gravel and bikepacking! I’m Auckland based.