Homestretch Foundation kit order window is open through March 15

With International Women’s Day right around the corner (should be every day, but I digress), now is the perfect time to mention that the Homestretch Foundation kit order window is open now through March 15th.


Watch this short video for the story behind this iconic kit

For those of you not familiar with the Homestretch Foundation, it’s a non-profit organization that provides temporary housing and other resources to professional or elite athletes—primarily female athletes—who face financial and economic discrepancies.

In the words of founder Kathryn Bertine, ex-pro cyclist and filmmaker behind Half the Road, (which you can find in the Inspiration channel in SYSTM):

The mission of The Homestretch Foundation is to level the playing field of salary discrepancy in sport, so that female professional athletes have the same wages and equal opportunities as male professional athletes. Regardless of an athlete’s socioeconomic and/or life circumstances, we want all women to pursue their careers as athletes without compromise, inequality or injustice.

We’ve been huge supporters of Kathryn and the HSF since back in the SUF days (for those of you who are still able to see after the workout, we featured the Homestretch Foundation at the end of the classic SUF session, Hell Hath No Fury). The organization does great work and is well worth supporting.

For details on how to order, go here: Shop — Homestretch Foundation



Thanks for posting this @dylan.robbins. May have to smash the piggy bank this month…



For what it’s worth, I have every piece of this fantastic kit, EXCEPT the T-shirt. If you ever find yourself here in Tucson, AZ USA, the current residents and a bunch of us ‘locals’ go out for a ride on Friday morning. It would be appreciated if you own the kit to wear it, or if you have Sufferlandrian kit to wear that. It’s a fun and ‘interesting’ ride at a recovery pace.