HONOR Your Support System

This morning I was thinking about a birthday present for my better half. For a moment, I wondered if some sufferfest merchandise could fit the bill (I know, the store is not open. Still.).
At this moment a second thought crossed my mind:
Nah, she’s not riding a bike. Not training. She’s a couchlandrian”. But… …is she?

This post is dedicated to all the people who build our support system. The people who will probably never read this text.

Thank you,
…for understanding my commitment and giving me the time to do my suffering.
…for making space in the family budget again, because I want some new gear.
…for supporting my training and being interested in the results.
…for cooking with an eye on the macros, so I can properly fuel myself.
…for dishing out squeezies when I scream in sweet agony during my workout.
…for being my rock on a hard day and telling me to do it anyway.
…for doing the work I can not do, because I’m too tired.
…for taking care of our family, when I am too “busy”.

THANK YOU, for everything. Always.

It doesn’t matter if you have a family member, girlfriend or boyfriend, just a good friend or maybe a coworker, quite possibly even a favorite pet.
It only matters that you have a support system in place. This is what makes us strong.
And if you are strong without, good for you, too. But maybe you could try it?

Happiness is only real when shared. Suffering, too.

Ask yourself, who is the true sufferlandrian in your world. I know that my better half absolutely deserves a honorary citizenship in our circle.
She’s a true sufferlandrian - training or not.

After reading this I recommend you get up, find your “support system” and say Thank you.

And let’s hear it. Do you have a system in place? Do you honor it accordingly? What do you think?


Great post - I would add:

  • for being a role model - getting up early to do your own fitness session
  • for noticing and complementing my firming posterior chain

I also feel grateful for my riding buddies who have no issues when I need an outdoor ride that fits certain parameters based on what is specified by my program.


Oh, I KNOW who the true Sufferlandrian is: My wife.

Not only must she Suffer through each day with me in her house but she must also do it with her body betraying her through the ravages of multiple sclerosis. She may have gone from a 90-min half-marathon time to being unable to transfer in/out of her wheelchair without assistance but she does so with the grit and determination of a true Sufferlandrian.

Nicholle, I love you and want my fellow knights & Sufferlandrians to know that too.

Prost to the OP for this thread and for all of those who support us through our dedication to all things SUF.


I cannot emphasise enough the fact that my better half always has my back. On all my endeavours, she has earned the MVP award every single time. And then some.

All men die, but not all men live. You make me feel alive, every day :heart:


and add at the bottom, by the way I need a new bike

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Tried to convince Mrs Streety last weekend that the 12th wedding anniversary (coincidentally our next) is carbon fibre.

Just a single raised eyebrow returned…