How can I embed videos into posts in this forum?

I wanna share some SUF style videos I made to this forum, but failed to embed those. How can I insert videos into a post?

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Afaik, you can’t. But you could share the url to them if they’re hosted somewhere else.

Ah that’s a pity, but in this post the videos can be embedded, is it because my trust level too low?

I think that’s cuz it was a YouTube video.

Like this one

Edit: or maybe not. I’ll stop guessing now.
Edit2: as per Sir James’ info. Or is it Sir James’s? I never know.


Because I can’t help myself, I noticed I am unable to embed or upload vids myself in this forum but can in other discourse forums. So, it is either a trust level thing or an intentional exclusion to only a select few.

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You can “embed” a YouTube (and likely other) video by linking to it. Put the link on its own line to get the preview image and player, e.g.

If you include the link inline then you don’t get the preview/player, has to be on a new line. This link isn’t so doesn’t work, you just get the title: Wahoo SYSTM Training App - YouTube

You can’t upload your own video files like you would a picture.


Thank you Sir James!!

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Thanks :grin:

Thanks for the help

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Now we all want to see your video @Weitao_Ren !!! :grin:

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I believe you can upload videos, but there’s a 10mb limit. So really that’s only a few seconds.

Yeah that’s right! @Pierre got around it by loading his on YouTube I think.

“Sir James’s” is grammatically correct.

James is a proper noun and singular, therefore possession is signified by ‘s (the fact that James ends in an s is irrelevant for this purpose).

An apostrophe after the s to denote possession would only be used for a plural noun, e.g. the bikes’ speed (the speed belonging to multiple bikes).


Except when it’s a proper noun then I’m pretty sure both are fine. But hey, I’m not a botanist :wink:


I never know either. And there’s at least two of me inside my head so apostrophe away.


Yes I just successfully embed the video in my post :grin:


Hey, this video is excellent! Very professional!


Well done Weitao! I checked out your other videos. You’re a very talented musician too!