How do I remove the downloaded video’s from my iPad?

Most of the time I download the videos to have a smooth playback. After the training do they stay on your device?

If so, how do I remove them?

Tap on the tick icon on the video intro screen - same space you ticked to download it

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Thanks. Found it.
You have to search for the title in the library and then you can delete it.
A lot of effort if you have several weeks of training done…
isn’t there a faster way? Delete your history or every movie file in one effort.
If not, this is a possible future improvement for the app.

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I think this issue is being worked on. As you can imagine, it’s come up before🙂

If you have too many downloads to find, you could fully delete the app from your iPad (which will delete all app data) and then reinstall and login again.


Oh it’s come up all right… :grimacing: