How do you compare?

Wonder how your 4DP profile compares to others like you? You’ll find a calculator toward the bottom of this article which will allow you to enter your FTP and see the range of 4DP abilities for all athletes in our database with your FTP. Go here to try it:


Interesting to see the ranges.

I guess the raw data, confidence intervals etc is all commercial in confidence?

someone posted their numbers on FB last week .The FTP and NM almost the same as mine, I had the higher MAP and his FTP was much higher.We got different rider types and I thought, ah so this is what it takes.I know we are all different and all have different numbers but it still fascinates me when someone gets close to me in part of the test, then very different in another part

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No matter how many times I click that image it won’t let me enter my number :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :dizzy: . Reminds me of when you used to post screenshots with the play button showing :rofl:. Yeah, I know, I know, click the link…


Hey, that upper bound for AC at my FTP is me :grin: :hamster:


Proof that you are a SUF unicorn Sir James.


So what does it mean if you are in the upper bounds of the ranges? and how does that compare?

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The post refers to a link or calculator - it’s not here and the link at top redirects to the systm landing page. Pls assist.

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Looks like it disappeared as a result of the SYSTM launch and the associated reworking of the website.

Would be nice to have this back and running again.
Meanwhile you can access it here and even the calculator is still working! :volcano: