Relative fitness data- age etc

Would it be possible for SYSTM to provide insights to one’s (relative) fitness relative to cohorts (pros, age groups, gender, etc.) based on 4DP metrics?


Already been done. Only I can’t find the blog post. There was an interactive chart that allowed you to enter your gender, age and 4DP to see where you fell on the 4DP bell curves. Each rider was compared to their FTP by age and gender.

The only thing missing was a conversion to W/kg which would provide a comparison to the pros.

Maybe someone has the link?

I’ve been looking too and can’t find it.

This is the forum post by @David.McQuillen.KoS but the link is broken since the move to SYSTM. Any plans for it to be returned?

If you scroll to the last post in that thread there’s a link with a calculator in it:


@JureL @Sir_Brian_M Thanks! Great stuff and helps me understand my relative fitness better. The graph part of that article didn’t work on my browser, however. I guess the missing piece is still where does my FTP sits relative to my cohort? I wasn’t able to get that from the archived Sufferfest post.

There’s also - go there and link to your Strava account. After slurping in all your data, it will produce more graphs than you care to look at. On the power page, you can compare yourself to different age groups and see where you sit on the bell curves. They coincidentally look at your 5s, 60s, 5m, and 20m power levels.

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Yikes schnikes! That’s a lotta graphs! Unfortunately, two more platforms to manage. I was hoping SYSTM being a more comprehensive training system might provide data on your comparative fitness. Sufferfest apparently did. certainly does it and more and I thank you kindly for the tip. :+1: