How much should I suffer at Primers?

Hi there,

I just did Primers in preparation for my 4DP test tomorrow. Completing the 3 min intervals was much more suffering than I had anticipated. I was able to complete them, but I had not expected this to feel this heavy, so now I am wondering what to make of this…
Is this supposed to be a tough workout? Or should I start getting worried about tomorrow’s test?
I am curious about your experiences with this video and how it relates to your performance on 4DP the next day.



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Suffer, no. Moderately difficult, yes. 3mins above threshold is never EASY.

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Hey @madmax Max - I’ve experienced this quite a lot. The times when i’ve noticed it most are when I’ve done a proper taper week (following the 4DP prep week protocol).

Those primers days …left me worried about FF the next day. And yet, it all comes good as primers is just getting the sysems going again. I’ve seen times when I’ve not pushed through that above threshold set as well if I’m REALLY notfeeling it. And was still able to do FF the net day.

Def something that’s more noticeable if your prep has been excellent, so I now think of it as a positive in some ways as I’m ‘fresh’


Primers has certainly got a bit of a kick to it. I think it catches you out because you think of it as just a warm-up. But it’s really more of a kick-start!


Hi @Martin, thanks for your reply! Makes me feel a bit more confident about tomorrow :slight_smile:
Indeed I did a taper week, so maybe this was just the wake-up call that my legs needed.
Better to have that today than tomorrow I guess…