Tapers vs Primers

In the home stretch now, final week in the lead up to my 100km / 1,000m road ride on Sunday. Not doing an official training plan as work/ family committments means I wouldnt stick to it.

What would the suffer-brains trust suggest on my final training ride before the Sunday event? Taking it easy this week, did the one that noone talks about today (first time since ToS 2020… and felt good!), planning a Z2 Inspiration ride tomorrow.

Debating between Tapers (TSS 50, IF 0.8) vs Primers (TSS 42, if 0.74) on friday or sat- want to prep the body but not exert too much fatigue on the body. Keen to hear experiences with both those before any events. Will also add some yoga as thats helped as well.

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Always wanted to start a poll:

  • Tapers
  • Primers

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@TrapMeSuf Primers the day before the event and Tapers is usually 4 days prior. Also think about doing a warmup on the day of the event. I like the 10 minute no-vid and also like Ignitor. Good luck!


I’d agree with this. Tapers if it’s going to be a few days prior to the event, Primers the day before. That said, I tend to react better to doing Cadence Builds the day before an event rather that Primers.


+1. Honestly probably not THAT huge a difference, but personally I would want a couple days after Tapers before hitting an event, not so with Primers.


I voted for both :smiling_imp:


Consecutively? How very GvA of you @Glen.Coutts:thinking: :wink:


Haha. It’s just the Sufferlandrian way. When asked a question, should I do “this” workout or “that” workout, the answer is always both.

Or, if asked broadly which workout to do, the answer is either “all of them” or ”Kitchen Sink” or, “All of them, then Kitchen Sink.”