How to delete a session but keep the plan?

Is there any way to delete a particular session but keep the plan?

I’m looking to see if I can delete some of the planned sessions during the tour and replace it with the actual tour sessions, then carry on with the plan afterwards. There doesn’t seem to be any way to delete individual sessions.

(I hate looking at gray/orange/incomplete sessions in the calendar - makes me feel like I haven’t done as I was told and haven’t suffered enough).

Any ideas?


Right now all you can do is move individual sessions, not delete them.

When you start the tour, you can delete the plan. It will keep the sessions you have already done. When the tour is over, you add the plan back keeping the original finish date. That is supposed to do what you want.

When I want to “delete” a planned but won’t be done session I just set the date to 100 years later. Does the job but may well bite me in later life.


That sounds like another way to deal with it. I’ll have to mull over which one is cleaner.


@Fezzek you can mark a session ‘ mark as done’
In the plan the session will turn green, in the weekly summary it will not show, which is correct

You can set the status by clicking on the dots (…) in the right upper corner in the workout detail after opening the session in your plan