How to sync trainingpeaks workout to systm?


i would like to sync my cycling training plan, which i have on trainingpeaks to wahoo systm, to do the training. How can i do this or where can i find the training? I already connected systm with trainingspeak.


I don’t think you can do this … … yet!
Maybe one of the beta testers can help out with some insight.

I’m hoping the systm (suf) calendar gets to a point where you don’t need training peaks. Not sure if that’s planned or not though. :thinking:

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From what @David.McQuillen.KoS has said in the public forum, eventually the plan is to be able to do your outdoor workouts and have them show in SYSTM thus not needing Training Peaks to push them to your head unit (not that we can do that now but we used to be able to)

Currently the Training Peaks link will sync workouts from SYSTM to TP so you can include it against all your other workouts.