Sore quads recovery: complete rest, active recovery, or yoga?

Feeling some soreness on my quads after couple consecutive days of combination between training block and riding outside. It’s okay to pedal lightly, but I definitely feel the soreness when I put heavier load on it. What do you suggest I should do: complete rest today and do nothing, do an active recovery Zone 1/2 ride, or just do stretching and foam rolling? What usually works for you guys?

@henindhi Any of these except not zone 2 and if you do spin on the bike keep it to 20 minutes.

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For me, rolling a lot, stretching as needed, and Z1 only (or rest day) is best.

Yoga, especially sometimes with Thunderbolt.

What is thunderbolt exactly?

Stretching, rest and treat yourself to a sports massage, or if not possible a long warm soak in a bath with magnesium salts and then a stretch whilst warm.

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Thunderbolt is where you kneel on your feet and, if possible, lean backwards while keeping your knees on the ground. This fircrs s stretch of both the front of the shins and the quads. If you have any sort of injury to the knees do not do this pose as it can place a great deal of stress on them.