Hr connected but not showing

yesterday I started a workout and everything was fine, after 30sec I realized I was missing the bottle and went to the kitchen, but after that, even restarting the workout and reconnecting various times,I didn’t have hr show any more.
It showed as connected and I know it was working because headwind was responding to efforts.
strava, garmin connect, etc show no hr for the workout, so all statistics messed.

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IDK if this applies in your situation, but with BT connected HRMs, I had a few occasions where I had to turn the HRM off then on again. I had this happen with my BT connected trainer as well. I have a remote switch on the trainer so I can power cycle it while on the bike.

I have had this happen on more than one occasion as well. I usually have to do all sorts of EFFing around to get it to display again. Disconnect from strap, reconnect to strap, turn off on app, turn back on, turn Bluetooth off, toggle back on. Close app, reopen app etc etc. Can be pretty frustrating.

While it’s been pretty stable with the Tickr2 HRM I primarily use, I’ve had it happen with all my Tickrs. More with the old Tickr 1 and TickrX v1 but I have had it happen with all of them.

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I also have this happen, and the simplest fix I have found is to switch over to my old HRM. Disconnecting and reconnecting the same HRM doesn’t work.

Occasionally the HRM data stops recording mid-ride, but usually it happens if I take a break and walk to the bathroom or kitchen. It seems much more likely to happen with my old Wahoo TICKR HRM than with my newer Polar 10.

I have never lost bluetooth data from my KICKR Bike, but the antenna for my computer’s BT/Wifi is situated only about 3 feet from the bike so the signal is probably consistently very good.

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yes, spare HRM always at hand…

After a 30 minutes x2 with fighting Bluetooth HRM connections to a laptop (or AppleTV), I ordered the Polar Verity Sense (arm band style) which supports 2 BLE connections. No more issues. I think you usually are battling the fact that the HRM paired to another device (phone, another computer, head unit, etc.) and you just don’t know it.

Newer TICKR models support this as well, but the ones I have are too old (plus they eat batteries, another story). Newer Polar chest-style HRM definitely support this, and newer Garmin HRM support this now too (looks like the HRM-PRO series support three connections, the HRM-Dual does 2).

FWIW: In the past, I’ve always used ANT+ without issues. When I started SYSTM, I found trainer control had more latency with ANT+ so switched to BT for the trainer, but only the trainer. I tried BT on the other sensors but went back to ANT+. ZWIFT and Trainerroad were still fine with all ANT+.


Similar experience. With BT I have to remove my HRM and re-add, every time. Even then it often says connected but no reading for a while. Sometimes removing, resetting the chest sensors and putting back on gets it going.
With ANT+ I added it once and never had to do it again.

I’ve been experimenting with BT recently as people say it’s better for trainer responsiveness, though tbh I never had any problems with any+ on that front, always on the nose.


I got a Polar for the second BLE connection, because I sometimes use my phone to record a ride in SYSTM while my computer is running Fulgaz to control the trainer (Fulgaz is a great program but there are some oddities in the .fit file generated, so I also collect the data in SYSTM so as to avoid comparing apples to oranges). The phone doesn’t do ANT+.

With the HRM having a spare BLE channel most of the time, I almost never see it lose contact with SYSTM, and it appears as reliable as ANT+.

With the Polar HR 10, you have to use their app to enable the second BLE channel. Not knowing that caused me a few minutes of frustration.

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Had this issue today. My TickerX usually connects without issue. Today it connected, but after 4 minutes was disconnected. Had to unsnap it for 5-10 seconds then snap it back together. It reconnected and was fine for the rest of the ride. Will have to see if it does that again tomorrow. Often that’s a sign that the battery is getting low.


wow, it never had happened to me before in 5+ years. and yesterday all was fine.

This happens to me as well. I usually have to go to the settings/devices section and remove and add sensor again. Usually it works but sometimes it still won’t display the HR. Not a huge deal but it’s annoying.