Tickr HRM not reconnecting to SYSTM

I’m having the problem of having my HRM disconnected if I leaves the room to refill or relieve, and not reconnected upon return to the room.

Previously, the app would reconnect the HRM automatically once I returned to the room.

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Hey, sorry you’re having trouble, use this link to contact support:

Do.Not.Leave.The.Room!!! Report to flogging station #349!


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Maybe that’s why my Wahoo Kickr started spiking a couple of years ago


new Kickrs r gonna have to be water proof so we can bring ‘em in the pool for the swim workouts.

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After your previous comment, I’m so glad you qualified this:

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Thinking once I start Ironman training I may need to replace the carpet in my pain cave. :wink:


Oh dear. Look what you’ve started @SirAlexanderLee

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I had this happen also during my last penguin walk during the full frontal. I went to get a tissue and when I got back… the Tickr would not reconnect no matter what I tried. Even tried forgetting and rediscovering. After the FF, started another workout and it all worked again. Battery is new. Haven’t had trouble before but its my first time “to leave the room”. Filed a ticket.

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@tpodowd That seems odd especially in the middle of a workout. Is it possible that the HRM connected to a watch or phone when you left the room?

Yeah. Pretty sure as I checked that as part of the prep for the FF. Didn’t want anything to go wrong. So this morning after a regular workout, I started open15 just to test and left the room again. Watched the lights on the tickr turn off, then came back into the room and it was disconnected… but it reconnected again when I came back in. I saw it go from no reading to having a reading. Dang. Wonder if there is something funky about the FF in this regard but I wouldn’t guess so.

@tpodowd Do you use BT headphones? In another thread there is a discussion about connecting the TICKR 1st and then the headphones as they can interfere. I have the Wahoo Headwind. I put on my TICKR upstairs and when I come down to the pain cave the Headwind just turns on automatically and if I leave and come back it does the same. I have left during FF too and never had a connection issue. Also how old is the TICKR and battery? Have you replaced the battery and did you use Duracell bitter battery?

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Hi @JSampson - Thanks for trying to help. No other bluetooth devices except Kickr, Tickr, iPhone and the MacBook Pro which I was using for the workout. My Bolt was off. I did try repeat the issue as I mentioned. Maybe I’ll start another FF just to try it out and see if there is anything there. I can always discard that. I did try to replicate the problem with Open15 but was not successful as I mentioned. Battery is actually new and the Tickr continues to work flawlessly now over several workouts since. We don’t have Duracell batteries over here as far as I know :slight_smile: I’m using a Mitsubishi. I didn’t taste it to see if it was bitter :roll_eyes:

I wonder if you simply went past the Bluetooth range. It’s pretty limited, especially if there are walls in the way.

I get the same issue, I have the arm strap type of Tickr and about 3/5 Times last week I had to unload the app and restart a few times before if took a signal. It finds the strap just sits their saying connecting. So looks like a Bluetooth handshake thing. I’m on an iPad Pro 10” second gen with up to date iOS and System app