HR doesn’t meet target

New here.
I’ve done the full Monty.
When I ride ERG mode i am at lower end of HR zone targets, often lower so on lower zone.
Anyone else have this issue, ideas on what to do?

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Your concern is that when you do workouts you find that your HR tends to be at the low end of the zone or in the next zone down? That’s covering a lot of ground - your age, sex, fitness level, health, etc. all play into HR and variability. And you mentioned completing Full Monty, which is one of the tests SYSTM uses to set your cTHR, which determines your “zones”.

You can see your zones in SYSTM by clicking on your avatar, then looking under Athlete Profile. HM apparently sets your zones based on “88% of peak 1-minute HR during Ramp”. It also points out HR can vary day-to-day. If that was the first time you ran HM, maybe you rode conservatively, so HM set your HR zones wrong. Plus because it’s only testing off of the 1-minute ramp, it’s probably not as accurate for determining your threshold HR as Full Frontal, which uses 98% of the average of your 20-minute effort.

Long story short, there are a lot of variables at play in getting your HR zones right. I’m sure someone smarter than me can chime in with ideas to address, but I wouldn’t worry about it over-much. SYSTM is a power-based training program, so focus on that and as you continue to work and test (HM or FF), your “zones” will likely sort themselves out.

Yes it’s set to 151bpm.
I am 61, fit getting fitter….

To be clear here, because it can get confusing:

Half Monty (ramp test and constrained HR)

Full Frontal (complete 4DP test)

Yes full monty

Well, that cleared that up.


Ride to power, worry less about HR zones, worry more if your HR isn’t what you would expect for the power you’re producing and RPE.


I have been seeing a similar pattern. I just don’t worry about it. I tend to run at the lower end of the zone consistently. I focus more on the power output first and then cadence. Working on getting my cadence up outdoors.

I am a few years older than you and would worry far more if I was consistently running on the higher side.

Hey @Otium,
Welcome to the forum! Both @CPT_A and @TTDragon gave excellent advice. When you do Full Frontal (not to be confused with the Full Monty), you’ll get a better indication of your HR zones. In the meantime check out this article by our illustrious coach @Coach.Mac.C.



Hello and thanks
I did full frontal and that’s what I’ve been using.
Kept to plan and still HR is low vs the set targets.
Riding outdoors group rides my HR is as I expect. When on indoor it seems like I am not pushing myself enough, the messsge says this will empty your tank, things like that, well it doesn’t, yes it’s hard but not to the point of “I can’t do this”. After rides I feel okay, not as worn out as outdoor riding. Unless that’s the intention of the set plans? I am doing the mountain prep intense level. Am I seeing the benefits when I ride? I would say yes. However I don’t want to miss out on the full benefits given all the indoor time I am clocking. Set to do the ventoux challenge this year, 122km@3500m…help!

as opposed to:

Full Monty (a 1997 British comedy film)

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Yes it is, btw good film…
This is what I did, that’s the one to do no?

Yes, that is Full Frontal, the 4DP test.

The plans and most sessions are designed to stimulate your body enough to improve but not so much that you will be totally worn out. That way you can do it again the next day.

See this post to see Coach Neal Henderson’s perspective.

Maybe the Full Monty should be the next addition to the Inspiration series for those folks in Seattle training for the annual Solstice Ride