Pre-Ride Warm-Up

I have this yoga session on my plan today. I just about did it all. I didn’t fall over once!

But, @abicarver, seriously? “Now you are ready to start your workout” ? I’m ready for a lie down is what I am!

(Seriously though, a great session. Better than my usual sip and an sandwich…)

Nine Hammers up next.


I tried Ian Boswells Activation Day 1 after doing that for 37 minutes there’s no way I could do a workout after that especially anything from Tempo up. A steady low endurance ride might work but that workout with press ups and the foam roller is certainly not what I’d pick before a ride

The Pre-Ride Warmup yoga session is my go-to warmup before Full Frontal. And I’ll use it for any other time I feel like I need a bit more warmup prior to getting on the bike. It’s a great session.


I got through 9H afterwards, so it must have done something right!

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I know! Sometimes I just need a lie down after that one! Takes max concentration.

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Not done this one for a while so I did it this morning and couldnt believe how much better my balance was. Thanks SYSTM!!


Since I’m on a MAP block this came up again. I managed it again, and still no faling over (it was touch and go a couple of times) and I think I was more balanced than last time too.

Latest ‘gripe’: I’m pretty flexible (can get my palms flat on the floor with straight legs) but any time @abicarver says ‘touch your nose with your knee’ mid-pose I know that I’m in trouble!

And, since I’m on that same MAP block this also means that I’ve 9H up next again. Going in…