I stopped for 10 secs during my Full Frontal 1 minute effort

Hi there,

I just did a full frontal test this evening.

However, I made one error. During the 1 minute AC effort at the end I heard the software do the deceleration noise and stopped pedalling. I didn’t realise that this was the 30 second marker.

I have analysed the data and I stopped for 10 seconds and then tried to get back into it for the last 30 seconds although it was hard to accelerate up again.

According to my data analysis I did an average of 375watts for the first 30 seconds. The last 20 seconds averaged 300 watts.

The 4DP test has allocated me an AC of 321 and I think that this is a bit low. The software also thinks it is a bit low.

The other numbers were:
NM 759
MAP 278
FTP 220

I think my AC should be somewhere around 360.

I don’t really want to do the whole of full frontal again just to get to that one minute effort.

I have seen the article that says do omnium and then look at the data from the 1k effort at the end, but the same article also says that you can only lift your AC by 2 or 3%.

What do people think? Should I just go in and adjust it?

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Hey - welcome to the forums.

If it were me - I’d totally just go and manually adjust it.
I’ve a couple experiences of actually failing that 1min, and then jjust going and setting the number mysef afterwards - all good

There is a ‘normalised’ table of averages out there somewhere (though the whole point of 4DP is everyone is different)

If I hit the 1min well, then I’m usually around 1.7xFTP (I have a lot of practice with hitting that 1min though in general - and there is a bit of ‘practice prtactice practice’ involved in the whole test pacing thing - which obvs has proportionally high an impact the shorter the period e.g. 5s, 1min)

I think you have put forward a good case there to manually adjust it upward! I would if it this happened to me.


I’ve put 360 into my profile. It does not seem to update my passport though. Does it take a few minutes/hours to update?

The passport doesn’t update with manually-entered values, but they still get used for workouts.

@Allen I did this very same thing in my second Full Frontal test. Personally, I wish they would get rid of that deceleration noise in the middle of the 1 minute AC effort. Yes, it’s to help you pace it better, but I think it’s confusing when you’re too busy chewing stem. But anyway…

I agree that is not the sound you want to hear with 30 seconds to go. We just removed it so that shouldn’t trip anyone up anymore.


Thanks Reid. That’s very responsive!

Yes its gone. Did the FF yesterday. The last minute all out was quit on the screen, not in the room though. My very haevy breathibg was all i can remember :crazy_face:

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Here is a video of Coach Suzie doing the Half Monty with commentary by Coach Neil and Coach Mac. At approximately 17 minutes, 7 seconds in to the video they display some 4DP metrics as a function of FTP, age group and gender.

Wahoo All In Live Workout: Half Monty Testing Panel Discussion:

That graph and calculator can be found here


Thank you. That chart is identical to the one in the video.