I am out of town and was set to utilize the hotel stationary cycle. I knew it was likely incompatible with the SYSTM app but I thought I could still get a decent workout. Initially, I was pleasantly surprised at the available technology on the cycle. It prompted me to download the ICG app to gather the workout data. I downloaded the app and successfully got it to pair with the cycle via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the app to control the resistance on the cycle. This wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but I also couldn’t find anyway to manually control resistance. Anyone else have any experience with this app? I sent an email to their support, but never got a response.

Which brand of bike was it? In my travels, I see mostly LifeFitness. On those, I manually change the resistance by using the Difficulty buttons.

PS: Hey Wahoo, Peloton’s getting its bikes placed in hotels all over the world. There’s a market for a tough, gym-quality, smart bike that isn’t chained to one subscription app. Sufferers, Zwifters, and FulGazzers stay in hotels, too.


Overnight, I had a epiphany. I was one tracking on the idea the app controlled the resistance, but it turns out the app only receives the data from the bike’s computer. It turns out, all resistance adjustments were manual. However when I went back armed with this new information to give it another go, I discovered the cable attached to lever was broken. Not the ending I was hoping for. I ended up walking on the treadmill both days.

I once had a Life Fitness ICG bike but apart from nearly breaking my back lifting the thing to the best place having to make manual adjustments to increase resistance just felt a bit tiresome. If I had known better back then it woulda been the original Tacx Neo and I wouldn’t have looked back. Having a smart trainer and not having to worry about resistance adjustments is just so much better and easier.

I agree. It makes me appreciate having my Wahoo KICKR core and apps to control the resistance even more.