iFit HRM and Systm

Yet another HRM question. I have an iFit HRM that I have never used with the treadmill it came with. I wanted t see if I could connect it to Systm.

I put it on and started a cycling workout. It didn’t show but when I clicked Find Devices (or whatever it says to do that), the iFit HRM appeared. When I clicked it to add, I got an error message that it did not connect properly. There was a link to LEARN MORE but it would not open.

However, my heart rate did in fact show on the screen. So it did connect, even though it said it didn’t.

Two questions:

  1. Does any connect an iFit HRM to Systm?
  2. Should I have removed my Garmin HRM from the Ant+ on Systm before trying to pair a new HRM?

Thanks as always.

No. It’s fine to have multiple sensors. If two that measure the same thing are both connected, you have to select the one you want by clicking the applicable icon and making it green (for heart rate, the icon is a little heart).

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