Can't resize window and it's bigger than my screen

Hi, i had this problem some months ago with a huge window of the app where i can’t see the whole information, i can’t change the screen resolution but formerly worked fine.

You can see i had posted at the board here Last update, huge window i can't resize - #15 by Zapika

there is what i did to make it work but today i was gonna start to use the app again and i got the same problem even thought i still have disabled the “fix scaling for apps” to off, i also tried uninstalling and installing the app again but it’s happening the same, i’m attaching an actual screenshot of what’s happening, hope you can help me to get back at suffering again

Thanks, have a nice day!

p.s. i already emailed the minions but i haven’t got an answer yet, so in the meantime i’m posting here

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Can you left click and hold the top menu bar, then drag the entire window to the left so that the screen sizing icons in the upper right corner are visible? Then clicking the square ought to resize to fit your screen…

@Zapika On what device are you running the app?

I’m in a windows laptop

If I do that I can click to maximize the window but still makes it larger than the resolution of the computer

Ugh. This sounds like some sort of resolution mismatch between the monitor and the driver (or the app). Probably needs a minion to help. If you right click on the desktop, can you choose a different resolution in which maximizing the SF window ‘works’? Even as a debugging tool?

I’m having the same issue. HP Prodesk with a Viera TV connected via VGA cable. It’s pretty annoying.