Import of 'training load'?

If I do one of my Systm workouts on my kickr core and whilst wearing my chest HRM (so power and HR are recorded), assuming I’ve linked my systm and gamin accounts, will ‘training load’ be uploaded into my Garmin connect phone app?

It should be AFTER you sync your Garmin device. If not, reach out to GARMIN to find out why it didn’t.

Yep works like a dream
Just remember that the calc happens on your watch/device, so you have to give it a change to sync first from systm into connect, then across to device, process, then go back to connect.

And if you ride outside with your Wahoo Bolt, just export the FIT file and import into Garmin Connect and it’ll count that too! :grin:

Yep. In my experience, when you link an account with Garmin, it’s one-way from Garmin to the linked account, not from that account into Garmin Connect. So if you want to get an activity into Garmin Connect and it wasn’t recorded on a Garmin device, you have to manually upload a compatible activity file to Garmin Connect.

Hi, just to say, our experiences differ.
My rides on Systm automatically import to connect, and after a delay, get added to my training load / status.