Independent Kickr Climb?

Would like to see the Climb get its own channel - separate from the Kickr tether - so that it can control elevation changes on its own.

I frequently ride indoor workouts in Zwift now, with Systm or TrainerRoad controlling the workout in the background. To the best of my knowledge there’s no way to let Zwift only have control of the elevation while my workout platform controls power.


@CPT_A Why not just import the workout to Zwift? Then you are not juggling two platforms.

Help me out here, Cap’n Sir Ian @CPT_A. You’re running an ERG workout from SYSTM (or TR) and concurrently running Zwift. Like you, afaik, there is no way to get gradient control via Zwift while doing this (as you are in ERG mode with trainer control given to SYSTM). The only way you could get gradient to match your visuals on Zwift would be to run Slope mode on Zwift (i.e. give trainer control to Zwift) and run the SYSTM workouts in Level mode.

Even if you import the SYSTM workouts into Zwift, again, afaik, you’ll then be in ERG mode and the gradient changes are disabled (this is the case whether you are doing Zwift based workouts or anything else you’ve imported).

Happy to be proven wrong tho.

Even if you import the SYSTM workout into Zwift, gradient control is disabled when running in ERG or level mode. The only way to do it would be to free ride in Zwift and try to match the power targets from the SYSTM workout (e.g. have SYSTM running on a separate device - or window if running on Windows or Mac) and watch SYSTM for the requested power changes. You then adjust your effort in Zwift to match the power target. This is essentially like doing a SYSTM workout outdoors. You try as best you can to match your power output to that requested by the workout. If you try this, I’d try to stick to very flat routes or routes with long consistent hills, otherwise the gradient changes make it hard to maintain the correct power (just like outside rides).

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@Glen.Coutts Right - my mistake. I was thinking that the terrain will dictate the speed of the ride. Note that the Climb does initially move but then stays put for the entire length of the workout and reengages after the workout is done.