Kikr Climb in ERG mode

I have a Kikr Climb and it does not work when my Kikr Core is in ERG mode. I use custom training plans so use ERG mode to force the power targets and ride on Zwift for the visual stimulation. I though the Kikr Climb might add to the Zwift experience by following the contours however it seems the climb will only work manually if the trainer is in ERG mode. Is this correct? Is there a way for the Core to be in ERG mode and create power resistance while the Climb still raises up and down to the Zwift contours?

Hey @AWP221 welcome to the forums.

Are you using your custom workouts on Zwift?

If so, then I think you’re stuck with ERG mode controlling resistance and the Climb not responding to the gradient SIM.

Of course you could manually move the climb up and down while in ERG but that’s not really what you’re after. I think the feature has been requested on Zwift since the Climb came out.

On a good note, in SYSTM All the On Location rides, Pro Rides and lots of the SUF vids have incorporated gradient changes that make the workouts even more engaging than they already are so you complete the prescribed workouts in ERG mode and the Climb does its thing l. Maybe some of the SYSTM workouts are similar to the custom ones you’ve done up.