Indoor/Outdoor Training Plan

Quick question here: when following an Indoor/Outdoor training plan, should the weekend ride (normally outdoor) match the specified time when done using the indoor option?

Today I had Endurance + planned for 2 hours 30 minutes outdoor; indoor option was “Endurance +” which is 1 hour 30 minutes. Due to weather conditions, followed the indoor option and got the orange not compliant workout. Should I scroll back on the indoor workout to do the full 2Hr30min ? Should the Extra Volume part of the outdoor session be compensated with that time on the trainer rolling in Z2?


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That’s what I would do Reynaldo.


I have been using an indoor ride at 20% less than a planned outdoor ride. I don’t remember where I got this from but the idea was that the indoor trainer is relentless and never gives you any break.


Indoor/Outdoor would be great, especially as the days get shorter I feel that my weekdays are going to start being indoors but whenever possible I will be outdoors.


Funny how indoor rides and riders are frequently being mocked as lame efforts and slackers on Strava. For years, I’ve tried to explain how difficult indoor riding actually is (when done right), but apparently riding outdoors in all types of weather and occasionaly bouncing off cars - been there, done that, more than once - is considered so much more heroic…


I’ve done all my long “outdoor” rides using Endurance+. I do various methods of rewinding. I did 3 hours 56 minutes on Endurance+ to get my 100km ride. Had to scroll back twice. I’m sure 4 hours on the trainer is likely worth at least 6-7 hours outside. Sometimes I would rev up the power and speed for a few seconds and then stand up to stretch my legs - and then do this 4 or 5 times in a row for each leg to give them a break without having to actually get off and walk around.

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Indoor workout are might be sounds like better option because in some situation it will be more fruitful and easy to implement then outdoor workout. Like

1.If we were going out for a couple days their we could do home workout to maintain our shape will enjoying our trips.
2. If their is rise of any lockdown situation again in that we can implement our indoor exercises to maintain our health.

  I would like to say that indoor workout is the best option to maintain your body and according to me indoor workout  will be the best to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

There are several factors to consider here:
Firstly - motivation levels. 2.5 hours on the turbo is a long time, and I know a lot of people who can do this happily and very often, then others who cannot stand it and a week of doing a couple of these burns out their motivation for indoor riding. If you enjoy doing rides of that length indoors, then I would say go for it. As long as it’s sustainable long term across the whole plan.
Secondly - effort level. Riding outdoors and riding indoors, especially for endurance rides, often end up being very different. Outdoors you ease off for the downhills, as you come to junctions, and accelerate away from them. You also stand on the climbs and experience some lateral side to side movement. You get none of this on the turbo and it can be a bit relentless, which is why a lot of the time we suggest that for rides like this that would be 2.5 hours outdoors, you instead knock the session duration down by 30ish%. You’ll still get a great workout benefit.
So in answer to your question (sorry for the lengthy detour), I wouldn’t worry about going back and doing that extra volume. And for future sessions do what you feel is best for you. Personal perception and understanding of what your body and mind can deal with is very important